Neighbors Sharing Creativity…

Tidewater Arts celebrates the creative community in residence at Tidewater Preserve, a neighborhood located on the Manatee River in Bradenton, Florida.

Residents of all skill levels from beginner to professional are invited to participate in events organized by Tidewater Arts. These events include:

  • Weekly Meetups
    Neighbors gather together to paint or work on individual art projects in a group setting. Meetups are held every Wednesday from 10am-1pm at the Port and Court.
  • Art Demos and Classes
    Artist demonstrations and classes are organized several times per year and open to Tidewater Preserve residents.
  • Field Trips
    Group field trips are occasionally scheduled to visit local cultural exhibits and organizations.
  • ArtFest
    An Art Fest is held at the Lodge annually where residents are encouraged to share finished creations in an exhibition setting.