Carolyn Witschonke: Lines of Communication

Tidewater resident Carolyn Witschonke recently exhibited a series of encaustic works at River Wilderness Art Association. Congrats Carolyn! Take a peek at some of the photos from the artist reception.  Her artist bio follows.

Artist Bio:          

“I love art; I need art. It is my passion.”

The above quote from Carolyn Witschonke’s website summarizes what has motivated a lifetime of creating art.  From her early watercolors to her current work Witschonke has never stopped exploring and searching for new ways of expressing her philosophy or her visual point of view.

She has worked in a variety of mediums and treats each one as a visual vocabulary to express her content or idea.  In the work shown here in this display  Witschonke has chosen encaustic* and collage. The natural beauty of the beeswax lends itself to a connection to nature, one of her favorite inspirations.

The title for this series is “Lines of Communication.”  The need to express ourselves to others and communicate is inherent and often difficult due to a variety of circumstances, but once achieved it is a reward in itself.

In addition to a lifetime of study Witschonke received her BFA from the Corcoran College of Art and Design. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally and has received numerous awards and her works collected both here and abroad.

*Encaustic is an ancient medium used by the early Greeks and Egyptians. Essentially it is painting with pigmented beeswax with each layer fused by heat.  It has recently found a resurgence with artists such Jasper Johns in his Flag painting in the 1950’s.

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